Land & Site Development

Crafting Future Communities from the Ground Up

R.G. Miller | DCCM specializes in comprehensive Land & Site Development services, managing projects from feasibility studies to final construction. Our expertise includes planning, floodplain mitigation, paving, grading, utility design, and public infrastructure, all supported by advanced software to ensure timely, precise execution. We focus on providing superior service for everything from single-family homes to master planned communities, ensuring each development meets specific site requirements and client goals.

  • Complete Surveying Services

  • Platting and Planning Services

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies

  • Detention and Floodplain Mitigation Design

  • Water Main Distribution System Design

  • Grading and Earthwork Design

  • Storm Sewer System Design

  • Wastewater Collection System Design

  • Paving and Roadway Design

  • Preparation of Plans, Specifications, and Estimates

  • Bidding and Negotiation

  • Construction Project Representation

  • Floodplain Map Revisions

  • Water Supply and Storage Facility Design

  • Storm Water Quality Improvements

  • Flood Control Facility Design

  • Government Agency Approvals

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