Mapping Tomorrow's Possibilities: Innovating with GIS Solutions

Most people take infrastructure for granted, until something goes wrong. When repairs need to be made, access to accurate data is essential if the problem is to be resolved in a timely manner. Traditionally, utilities use the original construction plans as their system of record. Relying on paper plans for asset management is risky. Paper plans can be misplaced or out-of-date – not  matching what is in the field. This can cause serious problems during an emergency.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) offer an accurate, accessible database for both emergency response and long-range planning. R.G. Miller | DCCM provides real-world infrastructure mapping for municipal utility districts, water districts and cities. We create asset management solutions built on the Esri platform – the world leader in mapping and spatial analytics software – deploying  Esri’s suite of mobile maps and apps to provide a comprehensive system of engagement.

  • Water & Sewer Distribution System asset mapping and inventory tracking

  • Web Based Access

  • Survey Grade GPS data collection

  • Maintenance and repair data applications

  • Property investigations

  • GIS tools and applications

  • Mobile applications

  • Lead Service Line Inventory

  • Floodplain and Drainage Area Mapping

  • Digital dashboards and reporting services

  • GIS data Integration and transformation services

  • Hyperlinks to original construction plans, inspection reports and videos

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