Wyman-Gordon Forgings


R.G. Miller provided civil engineering design services for the Wyman-Gordon Forgings campus in Houston, Texas, which included modifications to the north stormwater pump station and site design for a new, 60,000-square-foot, two-story administration building.

This project required the analysis and design of new detention system to mitigate the increased runoff from the development. In addition to the office building, R.G. Miller has been Wyman-Gordon’s go-to civil engineer for on-call engineering services.

R.G. Miller has been working now for over 5 years at Wyman-Gordon’s Telge Road Campus. One significant project recently completed was a major electrical distribution line relocation project.

R.G. Miller utilized DCCM’s electrical design services to provide the electrical design and construction administration services to convert the existing overhead service to an underground system.

Another on-call project that R.G. Miller has completed was major modifications to the north stormwater pumping station. As a result of a land transaction, Wyman-Gordon had to relocate the outfall channel for the north pump station. R.G. Miller provided civil design and construction services to provide a new steel pipe section, baffle wall, and discharge channel within the campus.

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