Reclaimed Water System Feasibility Study (Dowdell)


RGME prepared a detailed feasibility study for the implementation of reclaimed water system serving 30 water demand sites.  The study outlined planning, design, and implementation regulatory requirements for the use of Type I reclaimed water under Title 30, Chapter 210 of Texas Administrative Code.  The project identified over 30 potential demand sites for reclaimed water including both irrigation areas and amenity pond make up water. Treatment technologies were evaluated and implementation costs were estimated.  Total capital costs were estimated to be $10.8 million.  Total avoided water purchase costs were estimated to be 1.8 billion gallons from 2015 to 2044.  The avoided water purchase costs were estimated to be about $14.8 million over that same time horizon.  Total expenditures, with interest payments included, were estimated to be $12.1 million; yielding a savings of $2.7 million.  If “alternative water” incentives offered by the regional water authority were included, total savings increased to $4.4 million over the planning time horizon.

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